Committee and Board

iDiv's Science-Policy work is steered by the iDiv Science-Policy Committee and advised by an external Science-Policy Advisory Board.

Science-Policy Committee

The Science-Policy Committee is a “think tank”, where ideas, concepts and strategies are developed and discussed.

Prof Aletta Bonn
Head of Ecosystem Services Research Group

Dr Andrea Perino

Science-Policy Coordinator


Dr Néstor Fernández

Dr Volker Hahn
Head of Media and Communications

Dr Guy Pe’er
Senior Researcher

Prof Henrique M Pereira
Head of Biodiversity Conservation Research Group

Prof Josef Settele
iDiv Member (UFZ)

Dr Roel van Klink
Senior Researcher

Prof Karsten Wesche
iDiv Member (SMNG)

Dr Marten Winter
Head of sDiv

Prof Christian Wirth
iDiv Speaker

Science-Policy Advisory Board

A board of policy makers from the global to the local level regularly advise the iDiv Science-Policy committee and provide feedback on past activities and the general Science-Policy Strategy.

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