Deutsches Zentrum für integrative Biodiversitätsforschung (iDiv)

Funded projects 2019

Extraordinary projects:

  • sMultiMod: Synthesis of multiple predictive models of community composition and coexistence. PI: Marten Winter, iDiv / UL
  • sMon 2.0 – Trend analyses of German Biodiversity data. PI: Aletta Bonn, iDiv / UFZ / Univ. of Jena; PI: Helge Bruelheide, MLU; PI: Marten Winter, iDiv / UL
  • Shedding Light on Blind Spots in Western-World Assessments of Biodiversity Change: Land-Use Change Impacts on Biodiversity in Former-USSR and Middle-Eastern Regions. PI: Carsten Meyer, iDiv / UL
  • Extension Junior Research Group "Computational Forest Ecology". PI: Nadja Rüger, iDiv / UL


Taproot projects:

  • Workshop PolDiv. PI: Susanne Dunker, iDiv / UFZ
  • SimNet: Establishing a collaborative network of modelers to better understand how community assembly influences ecosystem functioning. PI: Kathry Barry, iDiv / UL
  • Soil Biodiversity and Function. PI: Carlos Guerra, iDiv / MLU
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