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EIE paper club

Our EIE paper club is mandatory for all PhD, Master and Bachelor students doing a thesis with us. It is still open to anyone that wants to participate, but if you are doing a thesis with us you are supposed to participate in the discussion. This discussion will only happen once a month and it is going to be moderated by one of our Postdocs. The idea here is not to present a paper to you but rather to discuss it in a constructive way. Different Postdocs will also have different approaches and integrate discussions in different ways which will also enrich your skill set.

These paper club discussions will happen on the first Wednesday of the month at 2:30pm online, in person, or hybrid as indicated by the respected Postdoc. Three weeks before, the Postdoc responsible for that specific month will send the relevant paper(s) for discussion. You can always read more papers on the topic so we can have a more lively discussion.



      10 January 2024

      Topic: Unlocking complex soil systems as carbon sinks: multi-pool management as the key
      Moderator: Gerrit Angst

        14 February 2024
        Topic: Ecology Without Nature: Rethinking Environmental Aesthetics (Pages 32-42; Timothy Morton, 2009, Book)
        Moderator: Monica Farfan

        13 March 2024

        Topic: A global indicator of soil macroinvertebrate community composition, abundance and diversity
        Moderator: Christian Ristok

          03 April 2024

          Topic: Plant diversity and community age stabilize ecosystem multifunctionality
          Moderator: Marie Sünnemann

          08 May 2024
          Topic: Effects of plant diversity on productivity strengthen over time due to trait-dependent shifts in species overyielding
          Moderator: Rémy Beugnon

          05 June 2024

          Topic: Understanding ‘it depends’ in ecology: a guide to hypothesising, visualising and interpreting statistical interactions
          Moderator: Yuanyuan Huang

            03 July 2024

            Moderator: Simone Cesarz

            August: Summer break

            04 September 2024

            Moderator: Olga Ferlian

            02 October 2024

            Moderator: Soroor Rahmanian

            06 November 2024


            04 December 2024


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